Animal vaccinations


  • We vaccinate against the five most common diseases in dogs - distemper, hepatitis, parvo virus, canine cough and canine flu.
  • Distemper, hepatitis and parvo are vaccinated against every three years, with canine cough and canine flu vaccinated against annually.
  • We use a modern vaccine which means puppies are vaccinated at 6-8 weeks then again at 10 weeks. This means puppies can start socialising at a young age, aiding essential development.


  • Unfortunately, there is no triennial vaccination available for cats yet, so they receive an F3 vaccination every year, guarding them against the feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus and feline panleukopaenias.
  • We also highly recommend an annual vaccination against the feline immunodeficiency virus (commonly known as feline AIDS), as there have been a number of local cases.
  • Kittens are vaccinated at 8 weeks old, then again at 12 weeks.