Cataract removal saves dog's vision

Operating on eyes requires a steady hand and a sharp eye.

Four-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jemma, from Kilmore, was rescued from a puppy farm. Although in reasonably good health, we discovered a cataract in one eye that would result in health problems as she got older.

Previously the only option for cataract removal was using a special laser that breaks the cataract into little pieces which are then suctioned from inside the eye. This procedure is only available in specialist centres and is often prohibitively expensive.

However, under the special care of Dr Kasturi, who has a high level of skill in ophthalmology, Jemma had the cataract removed at our Kilmore clinic via very delicate surgery. Using tiny instruments a small incision was made at the side of Jemma’s eye so the cataract could be removed successfully. The small cut was then stitched closed using suture material that is thinner than a human hair; hence the need for a sharp eye and steady hand!

The same procedure was performed a few weeks later on another dog that had developed cataracts due to diabetes, saving her vision.

We are very excited to be able to offer this delicate, vision-saving surgery without the need for expensive specialist referral, and delighted to report both dogs are now doing very well.