No fractures are good, but some are very bad...

This young puppy developed an unfortunate, and very serious, fracture of his elbow. Whilst most fractures often involve the middle parts of the bone, this one involved the joint surface which makes it much more serious.

Repairing fractures that involve joint surfaces require precise realignment, if not the joint will develop severe arthritis and cause pain for the rest of the dogs life, certainly not something we want in a 5 month old puppy!

This fracture is one of the more challenging due to the difficult access and surrounding nerves and ligaments.

With a bit of patience we were able to achieve accurate realignment of the joint surface and stability meaning an excellent chance this young boy will be pain free for the rest of his life. The screw and pin will remain in place as they should have no impact on his development and growth.

This is just one of the many cases we deal with at our Wallan 24 hour vet emergency hospital.