Payment plans & Pet Insurance

Payment PlanS 

We understand that the cost of veterinary care can be high and is almost always unexpected. No one ever plans for their beloved pet to get sick!

To try and help our clients with the cost of veterinary care we offer payment plans through a veterinary treatment finance company called VetPay.

They offer finance for veterinary bills over $300, have a high approval rate and pensioners are also welcome.

General Details:

  • Flexible repayments via fortnightly direct debit
  • Approval usually within 24 hours (apply on-line or over the phone)
  • Rapid on the spot approval available in clinic for emergency treatment and procedures
  • Low interest

For more information feel free to call us or check out the Vetpay website.

Pet insurance

Could pet insurance save your pet's life?

No doubt you've seen advertisements for pet insurance on TV or heard them on radio. There are so many companies offering pet insurance it can be hard to understand which is best, or whether it is even worth while.

The fact is pet insurance could save your pet's life. In a situation where your pet is severely injured and requires extensive care, having pet insurance can take the financial implications out of making the decision on what is best for your pet.

Our pet insurance information sheet can answer a lot of your questions.