Dr Samantha Schultz

Sam graduated in 2013 from the University of Melbourne.

Sam's decision to be a vet came from a harsh realization at the age of 3 that she would not be able to achieve her aspiration of actually becoming a cat, so instead she decided she could help them, and maybe just surround herself with cats instead.

Most of Sam's enjoyment comes from cats... patting them, treating them, adopting them... but she also loves the challenge of the veterinary world as there is always the opportunity to learn something new every day and achieve the best outcome for people and their pets.

Sam is keen on pursuing further study in small animal pocket pets, plus befriending more cats, lots more cats...

Sam has a few pets of her own, mostly cats, plus a couple of rabbits that keep the cats in line. Two of the cats (Simba and Splash) are rescues and the third, Brown Bear, was adopted due to her tenacious personality making her incompatible as a clinic cat from her previous job.

Samantha's tip for pet owners:

"A number of medical and dental problems in pocket pets can be prevented with correct diet. Many commercial foods are actually inadequate for their general needs so best to consult your vet about what to feed your furry critters"