Michelle Geatches

Michelle started her nursing career in 2003. After 6 years as a nurse she pursued other career avenues before returning to vet nursing in 2016.

She most enjoys nursing a sick animal back to health and the reward of seeing them go back home with their owner is hard to beat. She is regularly surprised at how happy an animal can be even when sick, the wagging tail or purring cat bring constant smiles.

She loves meeting clients with their new furry family members and watching not only the animal grow, but their bond with the family develop as well. Cuddles from furry patients is hard to beat as well!

Michelle runs our puppy school classes and really enjoys helping families set up a balanced dynamic with their pet and have a well socialised dog.

Michelle owns many animals, so many she could set up a side business as a petting zoo.

Michelle's tip for pet owners:

"Time spent with your furry friend is time well spent. They are part of your life but you are their whole world"