Dr Tim Conolly

Tim graduated in 2014. He had always wanted to be a vet. He remembers going to the vet with his own sick animals when he was young and the vet helping them through the problems and thinking he really wanted to do that for other people and their pets. Being a vet also combines his two great interests - animals and medicine.

Tim loves being a vet. Every day is a puzzle, there is only one, unique piece, that fits for each pet and family. Finding the missing piece and solving the problem for each pet given Tim great satisfaction.

Tim has a special interest in emergency medicine and is aiming to sit his membership exams in emergency and critical care in the near future.

Tim is the proud owner of a Dalmation named Cleo.

Tim's tip for pet owners:

"Never give your dog a bone of any sort- cooked, raw, large or small. We see so many different problems in dogs that are caused by bones. If you are concerned about their teeth being dirty, feed them dental food, use dental chews and consider a dental procedure every few years- believe me, it’ll save you a headache or two!"