Dr Jessica Coates

Jessica graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2013.

Growing up with many pets drove her passion to become a veterinarian. Being a vet seemed like the best way to improve the lives of animals (whilst getting to cuddle lots of cats!).

Apart from the cat cuddles, her passion is driven by the ability to be part of the special bond between people and their pets.

Jess has a particular interest in feline medicine and surgery, especially care of geriatric cats. She is also passionate about animal welfare and would like to work towards gaining qualifications in acupuncture.

She has three pets, a fabulous fluffy tabby named Imogen, Bhodi a Border Collie x Kelpie who was rescued from a research colony, and Elliot a 'Tri-Pawd' Jack Russel x Shih Tzu.

Jess's biggest tip for pet owners:

"Weight loss, reduced activity levels and changes in appetite and thirst are not just a normal part of ageing- they are often signs of underlying illnesses. If your animal is showing any of these signs then do not hesitate to bring them in for a health check"